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A Rhinitis Is Common Irritant In Large Cities

link this post written on 06/12/2013
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A rhinitis is common irritant in large cities, in extremely polluted and irritants in the atmosphere. Symptoms can happen in people who work without using masks in factories where industrial materials are handled or dusty environments, or working with fabrics.

Children studying at polluted sites or sites that are under renovation may have irrigative rhinitis.

A rhinitis vasomotor is also common in polluted environments, but can happen in other areas.
Who has vasomotor rhinitis may show symptoms when he gets nervous or when you are tired or stress.  Visit The Following Post

The allergic rhinitis is very common, especially in large cities, whose environment is polluted and where the household dust is abundant, and humid, musty.

What are the less common types?
The rhinitis in pregnant women, the elderly rhinitis, gustatory rhinitis and rhinitis are very special athlete types. Are rarer than others, but are nonetheless important.

There are women who have nasal obstruction only during pregnancy, without ever having presented before becoming pregnant. After the child is born, the problem ends.

Elderly have a special rhinitis, which keeps a runny nose (rhinorrhea) constantly without stopping. This same symptom occurs in some people, of all ages, when feeding, especially foods with strong peppery spices (gustatory rhinitis).

Others have nasal obstruction when practicing sports, which are very disruptive, forcing them to treat rhinitis are to continue with the sport properly.
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