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Chronic Bad Breath Or Halitoza

Examples of Physical Health

Chronic Bad Breath Or Halitoza

Breath falls more into the category of aesthetic disorders, which include for example the flushing or sweating hands and feet perfectly healthy people. Due to bad breath, many people with disabilities because they have a sense of embarrassment and shame, which prevents them from making contacts and makes it difficult to communicate normally. Unbeknownst is associated with poor personal hygiene, but a modern medical advances made known to cause chronic breath is in poor oral hygiene. Of the reasons it was ten years ago asking Miha juice, dr. between., thoracic surgeon, now works at the University Clinic for Thoracic Surgery, University Medical Center, where he watched his patients. With it we discuss this problem also discussed, as is the first in Slovenia, which has thoughtfully deal with this and had some time ago a clinic for breath. Get Daily Tips: http://www.reviewlization.com/antibiotic-usage-causes-eczema-in-children-research/

The feeling of embarrassment and shame

"At the beginning of my attention was upset breath is present in patients who were treated in our clinical department. This was due to the heavy pulmonary diseases such as disintegrating tumor, abscess of lung and oesophageal cancer. These patients were physically exhausted, drank a little, causing dehydration. All of this was organic reasons for bad breath. When we were greeted disease, bad breath was gone. "Dr. Juice continues: "When observing their patients, I began to wonder what causes bad breath in perfectly healthy people, as it has every tenth man, regardless of age or gender, and no exception are not even children."

Definition of the problem

About halitozi occurs when a healthy person with appropriate dental care for half an hour after cleaning teeth breath again. Smell, which at present this can not be nullified without refreshing candies, rinse the throat with sage tea and a variety of oral water may only cover, as well as cigarette smoke. Be fast again and left. It is characterized by the smell of žveplovodiku.


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