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Liposuction Complications are rare

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Liposuction Complications are rare

How to avoid problems? Liposuction Complications are rare (their risk depends largely on the level of the clinic, qualifications and experience of doctors, equipment and materials used). Common complications include fat embolism (blockage of blood vessels by fatty lumps), thromboembolism (blockage of blood vessels by blood clots), and anemia (with large volumes of liposuction). Local complications occurs emergence contour irregularities, joining infection, impaired outflow of fluid (edema), and abnormal skin sensation, bleeding and bruising. Truth About Six Packs Abs

To avoid possible complications, prepare for surgery seriously.
You should not have any serious illness, and a balanced diet and exercise should not be empty words.

The skin should be firm and elastic. Otherwise liposuction only aggravates her condition.

Find an experienced physician. Ask how many operations he had (well at least 100), if there were complications? You will be prompted for the cost of surgery and the timing of its execution. The more experienced and popular physician, the higher the price per transaction, and sign it will be available no earlier than a week.

Do not ask a doctor immediately remove any excess fat. Experienced surgeon will determine the amount that it will remove the operation. Sometimes a single intervention to solve the problem once and for all, and sometimes it takes several repeated corrective operations.

Liposuction is best performed in a hospital. Depending on the scale of the operation is performed under local anesthesia or under intravenous anesthesia.
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