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Macrobiotic Learning Can Be Assigned To Any Food

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Macrobiotic Learning Can Be Assigned To Any Food

Distribution of food - Macrobiotic in its modern form is not just a way of eating, but includes comprehensive life stance, breathing, posture and mental aspects.

According to macrobiotic learning can be assigned to any food either the group yin or yang according to origin and effects. For example, among other foods are extracts of plants that need sugar and fruit juices and especially stimulants (alcohol, tea and coffee). Yang diet contains far more compact foods of animal origin, such as red meat, poultry or eggs. Full Report http://reviewlization.com/

Temperature and climate reportedly also play a role. Food containing yang during the cold winters and hot strengthens the hot summers the contrary, cools and refreshes food as well. If we eat too much food causes us to expand and weakened organs and tissues, and this leads to inflammation, such as tonsillitis necessary, and problems with the digestive system. If we eat too much yang food, then cause us to download and hardening, leading for example to gain and withdrawal of arterial walls with the option of a heart attack.

Today we opt for healthy eating habits that suggest a large amount of raw vegetables, fresh fruit and fruit juices and foods with low levels of salt. It is all focused heavily on food, as claimed by proponents of macrobiotics is a reaction to the high consumption of meat, eggs, poultry and salt that we used widely consumed - this in turn was heavily focused on diet yang. view more on wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_distribution


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